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Solid white bar soap placed on a wooden soap dish

Solid cosmetics: 3 reasons to offer them in your product range

Solid cosmetics are flourishing more and more in our bathrooms and highlight a minimalist skincare routine. Solid shampoo, solid makeup remover or solid toothpaste, there is a solid version for each liquid cosmetic product.

In bulk, in recyclable, organic and/or French packaging, solid cosmetics appeal for many reasons.

What is a solid cosmetic?

What exactly is a solid cosmetic? Of course, it is a beauty product that is concentrated and more compact.

How? Thanks to the absence of water in its composition.

Water is the main constituent of living organisms that deteriorates over time. When it is incorporated into cosmetics, it is then necessary to add chemical preservatives or preservatives of natural origin so that they keep as long as possible.

4 solid soaps placed side by side and rolled up in craft paper with lavender in the background

1. Environmentally friendly and efficient

Recent years have seen a renewed interest in natural and healthy products, both for health and the environment. Trends confirm it : cosmetics are becoming more and more organic and natural.

And solid cosmetics perfectly meet consumer demands!

Brands that are taking up this issue have understood that it is important to choose natural, healthy and non-toxic ingredients. Whether organic or not, solid cosmetics are increasingly turning to French, local and natural ingredients.

Organic solid beauty products are also ecological thanks to their packaging. We often say goodbye to plastic and non-recyclable packaging. The bathrooms are decluttered as is the recycling bin.

It is even possible to find your solid cosmetics in bulk directly in organic stores or to buy them with compostable packaging.

But these cosmetics are also more environmentally friendly because they are more effective. Since they do not contain water in their composition, 100% of the compounds are active. They are therefore more concentrated.

A beauty product can sometimes contain between 70% and 80% water ! That's huge.

That's why solid cosmetics, used well, can last much longer than traditional products. On average, a solid shampoo of 50g corresponds to 2 bottles of 250 ml.

2. Economical and practical

If these solid products attract so many people, it is also because they cost less over time! No need to buy so many products, solid beauty products are part of an ecological and minimalist approach.

Packaging costs are reduced, especially when you decide to buy solid French cosmetics in bulk.

But above all, solid cosmetics are convenient to use and carry thanks to their nomadic format. No need to transfer its contents into 100ml containers for the plane or stress about a possible leak in your suitcase when you travel. Simply put your sturdy product in a metal box of the right size or a cloth pouch to travel with peace of mind.

Very wide brush for the face with a round and foamy solid soap at its side

3. Solid cosmetics: a growing trend

Today, consumers are becoming real consumers. Above all, they seek to buy products in accordance with their values, as can be seen with the search for local and French products.

But if solid cosmetics are so popular, it is mainly because a large part of traditional products are available in solid and eco-responsible versions !

Enough to extend your range of products while demonstrating your desire for sustainable development with:

– the traditional solid shampoo : it is one of the first to have appeared in our showers;

solid deodorant : in direct application or to spend a few seconds under water before application;

solid toothpaste : often in the form of a cube, it is advisable to pass its toothbrush under water before rubbing it;

– the solid face cleanser : nothing better than rubbing it gently on a damp face to remove all impurities;

– Solid mascara: this is the strong return of vintage with compact mascara .

The benefits of solid cosmetics are numerous! Especially when looking at the creation of solid French and organic cosmetics. They are very popular, and it is easy to understand why. It is a market that is constantly increasing.

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