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Cosmetic brand creator: 20 tools Made in France to help you

Launching your cosmetics brand requires investment and the management of many tasks.

To facilitate your project, Costomise has selected for you online tools, applications or French sites that will save you time!

Note: Costomise has no financial ties to the companies mentioned in this article and does not earn money from affiliate links.

Create your cosmetics business quickly

Do you want to create your micro-enterprise to market your cosmetic products ? All you have to do is register via the state BUSINESS FORMALITIES website.
The creation steps are detailed and easy.

You want to create another type of business (SASU, SAS, SARL ...), you can choose to get help from an online site that will take care of all the formalities for you.

For example, the online legal services JURISOCIETE or LEGALSTART, draft your articles of association, register your company and get you your Kbis for rates between 99 € HT and 300 € HT.

You will save time and money but customization will be less important than if you go through an accountant or a lawyer.
In case of doubt, do not hesitate to be accompanied by a professional firm near you.

You should also know that some banks or online accounting solutions offer you or offer you the creation of your business.

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100% digital banks

Online banks are growing, even on the professional side. There is no shortage of PRO account offers for micro-businesses and other types of companies.

It is necessary to plan a monthly rate of about 9 € HT according to the banks, but it is important to check in detail the other bank charges (withdrawal, transfer, etc.) and if they offer all the services you need (TPE, VAD, bank loan, etc.).

On the market, you will find the best known ones like QONTO or SHINE, but new ones could also suit you like HELIOS.

Manage your accounting

Micro-enterprises benefit from lighter accounting. In addition to invoicing, accounting boils down to keeping a chronological book of receipts and a register of purchases.

You can use the online tools offered such as INDY, ABBY (free) or DOUGS.

Depending on your activity, it will be necessary to check that your type of accounting (cash or commitment) complies with the regulations.

In the case of other types of businesses, we can only strongly advise you to use a local or national accounting firm .

There are also firms that offer solutions including online software to simplify the operations of entering your invoices or expense reports.

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Billing tools

For microentrepreneurs, online invoicing software is now very numerous. So you are spoilt for choice, whether they are free or paid.

This software allows you a quick entry and guides you in all your declarations.

You will find below a selection of tools for the realization of your quotes and invoices:
TIIME (free), HENRII (free) or FREEBE.

If you are a cosmetics company in another category, then you may need additional functions.

We have found the following SAAS invoicing software for you: KARLIA , AXONAUT , HUBFLO or SELLSY ( Made in La Rochelle, very close to our cosmetic laboratory ).

Organize your cosmetics business

You need to make appointments but your agenda is full and it takes you time to send proposals by e-mail?

Let your prospects make an appointment directly by sending your online calendar link. He chooses the slot of his choice among your availability, it's as simple as "hello"!

For example, use CALENDOC or TWILEAD for your telephone appointments.

Do you need to follow your cosmetic projects ? Plan, organize, collaborate and analyze with a single software like ATOLIA or KLAXOON .

These collaborative and intuitive workspaces allow you to efficiently manage the development of your cosmetic projects.

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