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Do you have a project? Costomise is committed to working with you to bring your cosmetic products or any other requests to life. We focus on understanding your needs at all stages of the development of your cosmetic project.

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    A natural cosmetic product formulation laboratory is a company specializing in the creation and formulation of cosmetic products based on natural and/or organic ingredients.

    Our Costomise laboratory supports the creators of cosmetic brands to develop new products.

    To launch a range of cosmetic products, you must first determine your brand identity as well as its marketing and sales positioning.

    Then, it is a question of defining all the requirements of each product: percentage of naturalness, organic, not tested on animals, recyclability of the packaging, selling price... etc

    You can contact us to help you in this process and complete the specifications that we will send you.

    A white-label product and a custom-made product are very different projects.

    Indeed, a white label product is a cosmetic project that is already fully formulated and whose regulatory tests as well as the DIP have already been carried out. You can order this type of turnkey product by simply adding your design to the packaging.

    Conversely, a tailor-made product consists of developing a formula based on your specifications. All the tests must be carried out as well as the entire DIP (cosmetic regulatory file).

    Yes, it is quite possible to have your COSMOS Natural or COSMOS Organic products certified.

    To do this, you must register every year with one of the 3 French certifying bodies ( Ecocert , Cosmecert or Bureau Veritas ).

    He will audit your company as well as your production and/or marketing process.
    Each raw material, packaging and finished product is also rigorously checked.
    We can help you simplify your procedures.

    Our natural cosmetics formulation laboratory can formulate a wide range of cosmetic products, such as creams, lotions, oils, shampoos, shower gels, face masks, serums, makeup products, and more. Again.

    To find out more, go to our page dedicated to Our Formulas or contact us directly.

    The natural ingredients commonly used in cosmetic products include vegetable oils, essential oils, plant extracts, natural butters or clays.

    It is also possible to formulate your products with ingredients of natural origin such as perfumes, mild surfactants, emulsifiers, etc.

    Costomise can accompany you from the beginning of your project to the marketing of the products.

    We help you create your brand by formulating tailor-made products to meet your needs and by advising you on current market trends.

    The time needed to formulate a natural cosmetic product can vary depending on the complexity of the formula and the ingredients used.

    In general, this can take several months.

    Find a typical example of planning for the development of a tailor-made cosmetic product with our 4 key steps here .

    The costs to formulate your natural cosmetic products vary depending on the complexity of the formula, the ingredients used, the areas of application and the target population.

    It is important to ask us for a detailed estimate before starting your project.

    Yes of course. Our lab also offers custom packaging sourcing services to help you create a consistent and professional brand.

    We also support you for the mandatory regulatory information to be indicated on your labels.

    Simply contact us either by email (form above or directly atpower.e1716239878scratch1716239878soc@o1716239878lleh1716239878) or by telephone at 07 80 96 53 39.

    We will be happy to listen to your project and respond to it.