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Cosmetic creation laboratory

Costomise is a cosmetic creation laboratory that brings eco-responsible solutions to independent beauty brands. Take your cosmetics brand to the next level. Let's co-create more efficient, greener and more ethical formulas together. Our know-how in the beauty industry gives us the essential knowledge to support you in your project. It all starts with an idea: yours. Our role, as a natural and organic cosmetics laboratory, is to bring it to life. Let's become partners to imagine, develop and produce your next range of skincare and/or hygiene.

Formulation of a serum in a cosmetic creation laboratory - Costomise

What types of cosmetic products are concerned?

Skin care

Design an entire range of natural or organic products that respect all skin types. Face cream day or night, serum, mask, lotion, body cream ... The set is designed to allow a complete skincare routine.

Hygiene and capillary

We offer a complete range for hair care: shampoo, conditioner, detangler, styling cream, etc. Our laboratory also develops innovative and sustainable solutions for hygiene products such as shower gel, deodorant, and everything related to more specific products such as oral or intimate hygiene.

Specific products (babies, children, sensitive skin...)

Face or body, skin with specific needs is not left out. Our cosmetic creation laboratory helps you design formulas adapted to weakened, sensitive and reactive epidermis.

Products for men

Moisturizer, exfoliant, aftershave, concealer, beard oil... We create formulas that meet the specific needs of male skin.

Your cosmetic lab, for ethical and sustainable production

Natural cosmetics are part of our DNA. From choosing high-quality ingredients to meeting environmental standards, we make it a point of honor to be transparent throughout the co-creation process to ensure an ethical approach for our customers.

A commitment placed at the heart of cosmetic manufacturing

"We like to develop products that redefine trends while enhancing the effectiveness of natural and/or organic skincare."

Sustainable formulas

Local or upcycled ingredients

Formulations created from ingredients produced in France from locally grown raw materials, avoiding imported raw materials.

Waterless or waterfree products

Because our desire is to produce more active, concentrated and sustainable formulas, we can design products that last longer than traditional cosmetics. We develop a complete range: oils, balms, powders, solids...

Cold manufacturing

It mainly preserves the properties of the active ingredients contained in cosmetic products. In addition, cold-produced cosmetics save energy and reduce the carbon footprint during the manufacturing process.

Formulation of a Green Cream in a Cosmetic Beaker - Costomise
Formulation of a gel in a cosmetic beaker - Costomise

Effective cosmetic creations

Respect for the skin microbiome

Its role is to defend the organization against external aggressions. We design formulas that strengthen this natural barrier and thus limit inflammation and other allergies to cosmetics.

Hydration +++

Active and pleasant formulas that each contain an innovation to offer a natural solution to dry and dehydrated skin that has difficulty finding comfort and softness. The water present under the deepest layers of the skin is captured and then conserved, to strengthen the skin barrier.

Textured, oily and acne-prone skin

Clean, microbiome-friendly, alcohol-free formulations developed specifically for the care of oily, textured and acne-prone skin. Treatments whose objective is to naturally limit the secretion of sebum and reduce the dilation of pores.

Gentle exfoliators

No more aggressive and ineffective products, our AHA, BHA, PHA or enzymatic exfoliating solutions are 100% of natural origin.


Formulations designed to promote cell regeneration by using ingredients to repair UV-related damage and refine the skin to limit the appearance of wrinkles.