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Fair for questions

Costomise answers your main questions

To launch a cosmetic product line, you must first determine your brand identity and its marketing and sales positioning.

Then, it is a matter of defining all the requirements for each product: percentage of naturalness, organic, not tested on animals, recyclability of the packaging, selling price, etc.

You can contact us to help you in this process and complete the specifications that we will send you.

A white-label product and a tailor-made product are very different projects.
Indeed, a white-label product is a cosmetic project that has already been fully formulated and for which the regulatory tests and the DIP have already been carried out. You can order this type of turnkey product by simply adding your design on the packaging.
Conversely, a tailor-made product consists of developing a formula based on your specifications. All tests must be carried out as well as the entire DIP (cosmetic regulatory file).

Yes, it is possible to have your products certified COSMOS Natural or COSMOS Organic.
To do this, you must join one of the three French certification bodies (Ecocert, Cosmecert or Bureau Veritas).
It will audit your company and your production and/or marketing process.
Each raw material, packaging and finished product is also rigorously checked.
We can help you simplify the process.