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Voices of CSR Podcast

L’Engagement RSE au cœur de la cosmétique durable

In the first episode of the Les Voix de la RSE podcast, Tiphaine Vidal, founder of Lost In Transition and La Classe Verte, interviews Julien Rochais, founder of Costomise, to explore the challenges of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the cosmetics sector.

Julien shares his vision and experience, offering us a captivating dive into the world of natural and responsible cosmetics.

Podcast Les Voix de la CSR: Giving a voice to committed VSEs/SMEs

Les Voix de la CSR ” is a podcast hosted by Tiphaine Vidal which highlights the often overlooked CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) actions of VSEs and SMEs.

Far from big companies and their big budgets, local players are concretely committed to the environment, well-being at work and the development of their territory.

The podcast gives voice to these companies often forgotten by the media, to disseminate their inspiring initiatives and their solutions to the challenges of ecological and social transition.

On the episode menu:

– motivations for engaging in CSR
– obstacles encountered on a daily basis
good practices and solutions implemented
– testimonials from entrepreneurs from all backgrounds

“The Voices of CSR” is aimed at:

– VSEs and SMEs looking for inspiration and concrete examples
– actors of sustainable development and the social and solidarity economy
– all those interested in the positive impact of businesses on society

This podcast is a valuable source for discovering inspiring and reproducible CSR initiatives on your scale!

Costomise : Une Aventure vers la naturalité

At the start of this Podacast, Julien Rochais begins by presenting Costomise, a company dedicated to supporting cosmetic brands, whether emerging or established, in the creation and marketing the natural cosmetics market.

With a team of four people based in Marans, near La Rochelle, Costomise makes a point of pushing naturalness and eco-responsibility in every aspect of its formulations.

Un engagement profond pour la durabilité

The commitment to natural cosmetics comes from twenty years of experience in a large cosmetics group. At Costomise, each project is approached with in-depth reflection on the origin of ingredients, the impact of packaging and adaptation to customer values.

The company also uses upcycled ingredients , giving a second life to raw materials and thus limiting waste.

Répondre aux attentes croissantes des consommateurs

This interview also addresses the expectations of French consumers in terms of cosmetic products.

Quality, price, impact on health and respect for the environment are among the most important purchasing criteria.

We can note a growing and positive awareness of these issues, highlighting the importance of continuing to raise public awareness.

Défis et innovations dans l’emballage

Packaging remains a major challenge for the cosmetics industry.

Carrying out a life cycle analysis to compare the environmental impact between products is becoming a real subject.

Although there is no perfect solution yet, innovation continues in this area, for example with initiatives such as the reuse or “refill” of packaging.

La RSE au cœur de Costomise

Costomise not only supports its clients towards more sustainable practices, but also applies these principles internally.

The company has implemented a comprehensive CSR action plan, with environmental commitments such as reducing the carbon footprint and responsible waste management.

The team regularly monitors performance indicators to ensure continuous improvement.

Un message d’inspiration pour toutes les entreprises

Julien concludes with an inspiring message for companies wishing to embark on the path to CSR.

Don't wait to be perfect and don't wait to be great.

“commit yourself, move forward step by step and then measure your progress while remaining transparent because inevitably, it will motivate you even more to see that you are progressing on a daily basis.”

To find out how Costomise reinvents the cosmetics of tomorrow and explores new paths towards sustainability, listen to this episode and don't miss this opportunity to learn more about CSR practices and way that even small businesses can make a significant impact.