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Creating your cosmetics brand: the ingredients for success

Creating your cosmetics brand is an exciting but complex adventure. You don't get started without having matured your concept. Because why offer a new line of cosmetic products, with all those that already exist on the market?

Costomise has been supporting cosmetics designers for 15 years. In this article, we will help you build your project by giving you our advice and sharing our experience.

Solid arguments for a long-term project

Above all, your objectives must be clearly stated, within a project coherent enough to hold the road. Because the development of a range of cosmetic products is a long process, which requires flawless organization and energy, from the initial idea to the marketing of the finished product. While calling on a wide range of technical, commercial, and regulatory skills.

Launching your own cosmetics brandis therefore not a simple matter, even more so today, in a hyper-competitive market where a multitude of brands coexist, for increasingly informed and vigilant consumers.

To win in such a demanding market, basing the promotion of your brand on a single argument, such as natural or organic, is no longer enough.

Because their followers are an acquired clientele.

And because offering eco-responsible cosmetics is a criterion now put forward by almost all brands.

Knowing how to sell with a good hook will not be enough either.

In short, to exist on the cosmetics market, you will need more than a striking slogan on green products.

But concretely, what is this added value that you will offer to your customers? That's what we're going to help you find out. Through a checklist and questions that are an essential phase to prepare your launch, as a good cream prepares the skin.

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Transparent strategy and products

Start by determining the sector in which you want to position yourself.

Will they be products focused on care, wellness, beauty, or a combination of the three? Intended for which clientele? At shops, beauty centers, spas? Offered in a single range, or available in several lines?

Once these basic questions are decided, write a specification, a valuable tool to check that your objectives are met as you go.

We then come to the key element of your strategy, the sinews of war in a market where brands compete in innovation: the definition of your personal vision of cosmetics, and the universe in which your range is inscribed.

This is called the identity of your cosmetic brand. The one that belongs to you in your own right. Original. Unique. Both by its state of mind, and by its external appearance: name, colors, packaging...

It is this reflection on the branding of your brand that will create its added value, essential to its visibility and viability. Build it carefully.

It must be immediately identifiable to customers. Especially for the target you are aiming for, depending on their age, budget, the values they are looking for in a brand.

The other “pluses” lie in the improvements, in texture, use, effectiveness, etc. that you will make to your products. And in the choice of ingredients and their combination.

The composition of a cosmetic lends itself to infinite combinations, and offers you the opportunity to establish the unique formula that will distinguish your line from all.

The transparency that we recommend for your marketing strategy also applies to the manufacture of your products. Indeed, this transparency is now an imperative item in the sourcing of the ingredients used: origin, place of manufacture (preferably local), traceable sector.

"Do not limit your creativity: Costomise will be by your side from the implementation phase, by carrying out a feasibility study."

Innovate and perpetuate: finding the right formula

A good entrepreneur knows how to anticipate the next cosmetic trend. But he is also a wise person, who will not embark on the unknown by neglecting the rules of marketing.

In short: you have to be revolutionary and reassuring. Renew the routine of cosmetic users, while remaining faithful to their basic expectations when they buy a product: safety, pleasant touch and fragrance, practical use, convincing results.

As with the composition of a cosmetic, everything is a matter of dosage in your choices. You can combine the latest discoveries of science, and old recipes that work. Combining natural ingredients with high-tech transformations.

Unless you opt for 100% artisanal manufacturing – which will not exempt you from the mandatory quality and safety standards for the marketing of any cosmetic product.

Multiple possibilities are available to you, explore them freely! But without losing sight of these two landmarks: Your initial concept. And the needs of today's consumers.

To put all the chances on your side, your cosmetic brand must be anchored in the trends that are imposed today with force.

They can be summarized in 4 ingredients, now essential for all cosmetic products:

Safe beauty : 100% safe products , not contaminated by handling and do not deteriorate over time.

Clean beauty : creating your own brand means creating your own brand that respects the environment.

The gentle : zero alcohol, zero irritants.

The environment-friendly : your products must be as good for the health of your customers as for that of the planet.

More broadly, your cosmetics must bring together the winning triptych: quality, innovation, prices adapted to your target.

When your project is completed, that is to say, sufficiently balanced between these multiple parameters, you can move on to the industrialization and production stage.

Here again, our expertise will accompany you, both in terms of management, quality controls, and the industrialization of your products.

Several brown glass containers surrounded by green leaves

Creating your cosmetics: an adventure in co-creation

The challenge is demanding, but exhilarating, equal to the challenges of our time.

It is a great commitment, to take care of the well-being and protection of the skin, in the respect of a French and natural quality .

Launching your cosmetics brand is an adventure in co-creation, which is the source of the most beautiful human adventures, based on union and complementarity.

The creation of a cosmetics brand is emblematic of succeeding together, because it involves so many and diverse parameters, that we can not lead it solo.

"What motivates and excites us at Costomise is to accompany you throughout the process that will lead to the birth of your brand. Stimulate your creativity while guiding it, to help you find the right formula, the one that, as soon as you have perfected it, will make us announce with pride: 'You are ready to get started!'"

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